Thursday, 31 January 2013

Matalan - Everything £12 or under!

Matalan is one of my favourite places to shop, people always say that Primark is the place to go for bargains and over look Matalan but they're missing out. Here is some of my current favourites from Matalan, every single item here is £12 or under which I think is pretty amazing. As you can tell I like plain darker colours, maybe once the weather picks up i'll wear something brighter..

First is this tshirt, I've noticed these PU sleeve t shirts popping up everywhere online over the past few weeks, seeing as that Zara fake leather sleeved Khaki coat got copied by every store in the whole world I'm not surprised the leather look is staying in. It gives basic things a little bit of edge to them, I would either team this up with Black skinny jeans or tuck it into a skirt, either way for £10 you can't go wrong.

The acid wash leggings stood out to me, I love the whole acid wash look I think it can make plain bottoms like jeans or leggings look more expensive and add more style to your outfit, I'd wear something plain with these like a black tunic. Good thing about leggings is they're always in style.

I just love the dress, I could imagine strolling down Bold St in the summer with this  dress on teamed with a pair on converse, I am for sure purchasing this and putting it away until it's a bit warmer.

The Necklace is beautiful, I remember seeing something quite similar in Topshop last year so I think you're picking up a bargain for £10!

Finally the bag, I've seen this bag which comes in 3 other colours in Matalan before but it was £12, now you can pick it up for just £5! I think that is an absolute steal, I've just made my online order for the one pictured :)

Those are my Matalan bargains this week, hope you enjoyed let me know if you pick up anything pictured! :)

Fran xx

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