Saturday, 27 October 2012

The problem with blogging is...

Yes yes, either focus on your blog or just go away. I know nobody is reading this so really this is me talking to myself on the Internet...fab!

 I have so many posts actually saved on this place I just have yet to add photos to it because I'm so lazy and attaching my camera is hard when you can't find the wire and using my iPhone is a pain because it opens iTunes which slows the computer down and everything just dies so I just don't post. If I liked my face and didn't talk 100 miles an hour Youtube would be the way to go but man those people are MEAN! You're a brave person to actually put yourself out there and still come back after all the crap trolls say, I'd run a mile.

Now maybe I should move on and actually talk about what I was going to talk about ;D... Well where to start, I'm here today after looking at my bank account this morning and feeling shocked..where is all my money going, then I realised I'm spending it all on things I don't actually need but just want in the moment and buy on impulse, so yes it's time for me to say....

My name is Frances and I have a spending addiction (hello Frances) This wasn't a problem I had until I got into reading blogs and watching youtube videos, I was fine using just the one foundation, the one face wash etc. I mean before blogging I had no idea what a cleanser was or why I needed it, I for years thought it was a type of moisturiser, now I have 4 different cleansers and they're not cheap ones, why do I need 4?! The second my skin goes a little off I put it down automatically to what I'm using and go out and buy another one! Though one thing I do stick to is that you should not be cheap when it comes to your skin, you wear it everyday, do you really need that £30 top? Go out and buy yourself a decent cleanser!

 Tumblr is another pesky little minx, do not I repeat DO NOT put "Primark" into the Tumblr search engine, things will come up, you'll want it think "Oh it's only £8" Walk into Primark and end up spending £40 on top of what you originally went to get! Though those Primark Hauls on youtube are also guilty of making me do that...damn you.

 Really my advice today is to look at everything you own and look at what you don't even really use anymore, did you really need it? Think how much it is and add it to everything else you think the same'll get a shock! 

BUT Sometimes going shopping just makes you feel good and can be quite therapeutic, just don't overspend and think before you buy :P

Well, see you in another 6 months ;D 

 Fran xo

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