Friday, 18 May 2012

1. Hello, is it me you're looking for?

Excuse the pathetic Lionel Richie title (now that song is stuck in your head, you're welcome) but I was trying to be creative and catch your attention, it obviously worked...
 I've not blogged on here for well over a year but today out of nowhere the writers block that had kept me away for so long disappeared and I had this massive urge to blog. I read over my old blog and decided that it just looked cheap and some of the outfits i'm surprised I was let outside the house in them (baaad), looking back i've just grown up a lot and I guess now I feel I can write about things that interest me more and might appeal to people more. I decided to just delete my old blog posts, fresh start and all that, I also need a hobby to break up my go to work, come home, go to work routine so maybe this might be it.
One of the main things I plan to blog about is my skincare and a skin problem I suffer from but isn't "blogged" about a lot (in blogs I read). I have a big passion for skincare, i'm not a massive make up person I sort of have my set routine with the same products which i'm happy with so I don't want to waste say £25 on a new foundation i'll wear once, hate and end up using the one I had in the first place, that's just me. Though honestly if I had the money (and didn't have that little voice in my head telling me to save money) I probably would have a bigger make up collection...

Anywhoo right now I don't have any pictures to add to my blog posts yet and with seeing my boyfriend this weekend I doubt i'll post until Monday so here is some weekend reading material, these blogs are some of my favorites to read of a Sunday afternoon with a brew (blog day).
Olivia has an amazing sense of style, her outfits are well put together and she always looks flawless.
Kim can throw anything together and it looks stunning, I wish I had that creativity about me. She also has her own shop on Etsy.
Not only does this girl has some killer style she also posts a lot about music and I enjoy her playlist posts.

If you have any favorite blogs or even your own please leave them below and I will check them out, have a nice weekend everybody!

- Fran

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